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Set of 3 stickers 'Axel Gerstl', sideways, red Fiat 500 N/D/F/L/R

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Set of 3 stickers 'Axel Gerstl', sideways, red:

Consists three stripes, suitable for your car.
Length: 95,5 cm. Width : 10,4 cm.

In this way you mount the stickers correctly and avoid air inclusions, dust inclusions or wrinkles:

  • 1. Thoroughly clean the surface to be covered.
  • 2. Slightly moisten the surface to be covered with dishwashing liquid water (1 drop of dishwashing liquidis sufficient).
  • 3. Carefully remove the sticker from the release paper.
  • 4. Slightly moisten the adhesive surface of the sticker with dishwashing liquid water.
  • 5. Place the adhesive sheet and rub it with a soft squeegee / spatula with a soft rubber layer from the middle to prevent bubbles / wrinkles and to remove the water film (the liquid must be completely wiped off).
  • 6. Let the film dry - you can also use a hair dryer.
  • 7. Remove the transfer paper.
  • 8. Allow the sticker to dry for about 24 hours.
  • 9. Do not wash your car for about a week.

This product fits the following models:

  • Fiat 500 N
  • Fiat 500 D
  • Fiat 500 F
  • Fiat 500 L
  • Fiat 500 R

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