Spare-part catalogue 2015/1

Next to the printed version, we offer our extensive and clearly arranged german catalogue with our entire range of classic Fiat 500 and Fiat 126 spare-parts to be downloaded.

By downloading or printing the catalogue you can save the costs for the catalogue and delivery.

Colour palettes

Here we have provided some of the cards with paintwork choices of the Fiat 500 D, F and R model. Click on the small picture to receive a larger view.

We would like to request for your understanding that we cannot be held liable for the authenticity of the colours displayed here. The colours can deviate from the original tone, depending on printer- and screen-settings.

Should you posess any further colour palettes, we we would be happy to publish them in this section.

Colour palettes for Fiat 500 D
Colour palettes for Fiat 500 FColour palettes for Fiat 500 R

Color table

Data sheets

With these sheets you have a detailled look in the insider of your Fiat 500 or Fiat 126.

Data sheet for Fiat 500 F
Data sheet for Fiat 500 RData sheet for Fiat 126

Data sheet for Fiat 126 with 650ccm

Data sheet for Fiat 126, since Motor-Nr. 4490214

Data sheet for Fiat 126

Data sheet for Fiat 500 Weber carburetors

Circuit diagrams

In this section you will find some circuit diagrams for several Fiat models. A­s we did not want to resize the diagrams any further in order to maintain the quality, we would like to request your understanding that it may take a few minutes to load the diagram.

To print or save the diagram, right-click on the enlargened picture and choose "Save as..." or "Print".


With the forms listet here you can send your order by email, mail or fax or you can add the return form if you send us something back.