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Number 129 - dated 26.11.2015 - © Axel Gerstl

Soon to come: The Axel Gerstl Advent Calendar 2015!

Dear customers, dear Fiat 500, Fiat 126 and Fiat 600-friends,

Just in time for the Advent season, the Axel Gerstl Advent Calendar is back. To find out what you need to do to win the daily prices or the main price, a coupon worth 200 Euros, please click here.

Also we present the "Fiat Of The Month November" and many interesting offers and new articles for the Fiat 500, the Fiat 126 and the Fiat 600.

Have fun reading!

Your Axel Gerstl Team

Axel Gerstl advent calendar

Axel Gerstl advent calendar 2015

As every year you'll be able to open the doors of this year's Axel Gerstl advent calender and win great prizes daily from the 1st to the 24th of december! You'll have to simply click on the current date, send us your first name, surname and email adress, and confirm your participation with the then received email.

Every diligent participant who took part on at least 17 days, will automatically have the chance to win this year's main prize - a Axel Gerstl coupon worth 200 € - which can be redeemed with future orders.

Everything you should know about our Axel Gerstl advent calendar, can be found here:


X-mas-presents for friends of the Fiat 500

Haven't you submitted your Christmas wish list yet?
Are you searching for a good chrismas present?

If you do, visit our shop and look for our wide range of presents!

Lot's of fun with the shopping, wishes the Axel-Gerstl-Team

> Photo Album: Fiat of the Month November

Fiat of the month November

The Fiat of the month November has been elected! Many thanks to Mr. Carlos Simón González from Spain and all other participants!

If you want to present your Fiat 500, Fiat 126 or Fiat 600 to our readers, please send a photo to There’s no special motto, no limitation. And if you’re lucky, your Fiat will become Fiat of the month!

To all previous participants: Your photo is still active and can still become Fiat of the Month in the next months.

> New items in our online shop

for example radio housing "AXEL GERSTL"

  • Radio housing "AXEL GERSTL" black & blue imitation leather c Fiat 500
  • item no.: 13324/80
  • Price: EUR 85,00

Click here for the new articles.

> Offers

for example quater vent frame

  • Quater vent frame incl. mounting, in pairs, PREMIUM Fiat 500 D 2.series/F/L/R
  • item no.: 13919
  • Dicount: instead of total EUR 75,00 only EUR 60,80 (valid to 23.12.2015)

Click here for the special offers.

for example front panel

  • Front panel Fiat 126
  • item no.: C12002
  • Dicount: instead of total EUR 54,00 only EUR 43,70 (valid to 23.12.2015)

Click here for the special offers.

for example ashtray

  • Ashtray, black/chrome Fiat 500 / 126 1.Serie
  • item no.: 13148
  • >Dicount: instead of total EUR 25,90 only EUR 21,00 (valid to 23.12.2015)

Click here for the special offers.

 > Please note

Subject to change, errors excepted, offers only valid until stock lasts.
All prices including 19 % VAT. Freight charges extra.

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Telephone: +49 - 8141/53 48 6-0
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