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The new dual-circuit braking system conversion kit for your Fiat 500 or Fiat 126!

Dear customers, dear Fiat 500 friends and Fiat 126 friends,

today we report about a special innovation, the new dual-circuit braking system conversion kit. The advantages it has and further informations about dual-circuit braking systems can be found in our today's newsletter.

Furthermore we'd like to refer to our updated 'press'-site on our website and present you another picture form our 'Black-and-White Picture Gallery'.

Of course, you can find interesting offers for your Fiat 500 or Fiat 126 at the end of our newsletter!

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> The new dual-circuit braking system conversion kit for your Fiat 500 or Fiat 126!

Today we report about the new dual-circuit braking system conversion kit for your Fiat 500 or Fiat 126, which makes it possible to convert your Fiat 500 or Fiat 126 from a single-circuit braking system to a dual-circuit braking system, without the need of extensive car body works like a blanking of the trunk dish sheet.

The dual-circuit braking system

Already in the late 1960s the dual-circuit braking system began to replace the single-circuit braking system in vehicle manufacturing.
The advantage of the dual-circuit braking system lies, as the name is already telling, in the two independent braking circuits. If one of the two circuits fails, the other one still can provide 50 % of the braking power and the car can be braked securely.

The Fiat 500 and the dual-circuit braking system

Despite the enormous increasing of security with the installation of a dual-circuit braking system, Fiat only installed single-circuit systems in the 500 until the last Fiat 500 R was built in 1975 and in the 1. and 2. series of the Fiat 126.

To increase the security of their Fiat 500 or Fiat 126, many Fiat 500 or Fiat 126 owner's want to install a dual-circuit braking system into their car. But it's not that easy.

The main brake cylinder for the dual-circuit braking system, which was built into the later Fiat 126, doesn't fit between the main brake cylinder flange and the trunk dish of the 500 or 126.
To solve this problem you'd have to cut out a piece of the trunk dish sheet or massively planish it, which is hard for most of Fiat 500 or Fiat 126 owner's.

This problem is solved by the conversion kit!

For those who don't like to modify the car body, there now ist the dual-circuit braking system conversion kit. It is easily fitted to the common bolts of the fixing of the main brake cylinder by the provided adapter and diverts the force of the brake pedal to the now cross to driving direction installed main brake cylinder. Now the empty space behind the trunk dish is used without the need of extensive body works.

The dual-circuit braking system conversion kit is now available at our online shop with the article number 23469 and provides the main brake cylinder, the adapter and the link. 

Caution: For fully conversion you need a dual-circuit brake fluid tank: C08025 or C08070

 > The Axel Gerstl 'press-site'

We'd like to refer to our updated 'press-site' on our website!

Here you can find interesting articles about the company Axel Gerstl, the Fiat 500 and Fiat 126!

You can discover the 'press-site' under 'Information -> Company -> Press' or simply click here!

> 'Black-and-White Picture Gallery'

We don't want to hold back this picture from our 'Black-and-White Picture Gallery':

Today you can see on our black-and-white picture a beautiful Fiat 600 taken on a journey through the alps! 

> Special offers

Registration plate lamp for Fiat 500 & Fiat 600 D

  • Registration plate lamp with rubber gasket
  • Article number: 17016 
    Price: only EUR 12,70 instead of total EUR 14,80 (valid to 30.09.2011)

Cool water hose, top for Fiat 126 BIS

  • Cool water hose, top (slightly bent) 
  • Article number: C01320
    Price: only EUR 17,80 instead of total EUR 26,50 (valid to 30.09.2011)

Hood scoop for engine lid for Fiat 500

  • Hood scoop for engine lid, in pairs
  • Article number: 13101
    Price: only EUR 11,50 instead of total EUR 19,90 (valid to 30.09.2011)


Wheel arch 120° rear left for Fiat 500

  • Wheel arch 120°, with rear left fender corner panel
  • Article number: 12027
    Price: only EUR 17,50 instead of total EUR 20,50 (valid to 30.09.2011)


 Wheel arch 120° rear right for Fiat 500

  • Wheel arch 120°, with rear right fender corner panel
  • Article number: 12028
    Price: only EUR 17,50 instead of total EUR 20,50 (valid to 30.09.2011)

Gear shift knob for Fiat 126

  • Gear shift knob
  • Article number: C01411
    Price: only EUR 12,- instead of total EUR 19,50 (valid to 30.09.2011)

Seat covers, red artificial leather for Fiat 500 R

  • Seat covers, red artificial leather, front & back
  • Article number: 13286
    Price: only EUR 129,90 instead of total EUR 150,- (valid to 30.09.2011)

Steering lever bearing block for Fiat 500, Fiat 126, Fiat 600 & Fiat 850

  • Steering lever bearing block 
  • Article number: 05019
    Price: only EUR 14,70 instead of total EUR 16,50 (valid to 30.09.2011)

Front spring for Fiat 500 N, Fiat 500 D, Fiat 500 F, Fiat 500 R & Fiat 126

  • Front spring (leaf spring) PREMIUM-Quality
  • Article number: 04006/F
    Price: only EUR 59,90 instead of total EUR 82,- (valid to 30.09.2011)

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