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'Sahara-Horst' meets 'Sahara-Burkhard'

Last year the legendary 'Sahara-Horst' who was on a Sahara trip in 1988 met Burkhard Hildebrandt who drove through Morocco with his yellow Fiat 500 in 2010. After very tough research we were able to give Burkhard the contact details of 'Sahara-Horst' to make a meeting between them possible. The Sahara fan Burkhard Hildebrandt then visited 'Sahara-Horst' to talk about their experiences on their journeys through the desert. Amazingly they realised lots of similar adventures and experiences with the journey, the culture and the Fiat 500 which led to very interesting conversations.

On the pictures to the right you can see Burkhard and Horst with their Sahara cars:

Sahara-Horst meets Sahara-Burkhard

The first one is the yellow Fiat 500 of Burkhard Hildebrandt and the other two pictures show the original Fiat 500 of 'Sahara-Horst' with which he drove his legendary Sahara trip in 1988.

Sahara-Horst trifft Sahara-Burkhard Sahara-Horst trifft Sahara-Burkhard

The pictures show the dusty Fiat 500 which 'Sahara-Horst' kept for all these years in a barn. You can see lots of modifications on the vehicle (inside and outside of the car) which Horst made to go on the trip: for example the modified wheel arch for more space for the wheels, various instruments on the dashboard or a self-made box over the passenger seat.

Burkhard Hildebrandt told us the time of this visit ran too fast, but it was a very nice meeting of the two Sahara fans which was probably not his last.