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  • How can I pay?
    You can choose between Payment in advance, PayPal and Credit Card. If you like to pay with your Credit Card, we need your card number and the valid time. We will charge you card prior to shipping. There’s no extra fee. We accept MasterCard, Visa-Card, American Express and Diners-Club.
    If you choose PayPal, we will send an email with the payment details as soon as your order is processed. Then you can send the amount from your PayPal account as usual.

  • How do you handle returns of faulty or wrong items?
    We want satisfied customers. In case of an reconsignment we would ask you to clarify the way of reconsignment with the company Axel Gerstl. You will be informed if you should send the item back or if the company Axel Gerstl will instruct a forwarder to pick it up. To speed up returns, please fill the enclosed return note and send it with the goods, as well as a copy of the invoice. This will help to execute returns quickly.

  • How long will it take until I receive the ordered items?
    In all likelyhood, every order received before 13:00 will leave the house on the same day if the items are on stock. Shipments to the European countries might take 5 to 7 working days.

  •  Can I ask you questions about modifications and installation and about electronic and technical issues?
    The team of Axel Gersl will support you with advice and tips and tricks. Most of the information is already available on our webpage. You will find information on amm models and the year of construction, maintenance, restauration, engine, technique and coachwork. There’s as well a price index.

  • Is there a cost efficiant shipping of small parts?
    Unfortunately we have to invoice the base price even for small parts as required from our forwarder.

  • What is the enclosed tally sheet ment to be?
    On this paper you find the number of the employees responsible for preparation, inspection and packaging. This employee number is relevant for internal supervision to improve our service. The flip side is relevant for returning items.