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Set of shock absorber, front & back incl. rubber bump stops Fiat 600 D/770 S

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Item number: A06999

Set of shock absorber, front & back including rubber bump stops:

This product fits the following models:

  • Fiat 600 D
  • Seat 770 S

The Shock Absorber:

Is an important, safety-related component of the suspension. Strictly speaking, its designation as "shock absorber" is misleading. The correct term would be "vibration damper," as its task is to reduce and slow down the vibrations of the vehicle spring.

The shock absorbers keep the tires on the road: shocks from road irregularities are absorbed by the suspension, and the shock absorber ensures that the spring does not rebound with the same energy after compressing, preventing the vehicle from "bouncing" and reducing or even completely losing contact between the tires and the road.

Therefore, the shock absorber, which, together with the spring, establishes the connection between the body and the suspension, is, after brakes, tires, and steering, the most important component for being able to control a vehicle safely. Do not skimp on this.

Please note: Directly linked hydraulic-based shock absorbers are subjected to tension (rebound) during extension and compression (bump) during compression. Standard shock absorbers for the Fiat 500 and Fiat 126 (as well as for many other vehicles) dampen only "on rebound." During compression, that is, the "compression" of the shock absorber, there is no significant damping effect intended. Instead, the suspension coil spring is responsible for damping during compression.

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